Roger Hamilton Promotes Workplace Tech Integration

Roger Hamilton Promotes Workplace Tech Integration

As a seasoned entrepreneur and widely-recognized wealth consultant, Roger Hamilton knows that technology plays an incredibly critical role in all forms of modern business development. In fact, Hamilton—regarded as “Asia’s leading wealth consultant”—is known for his achievements in the progression of telecommunications, as he helped pave the way for ecommerce solutions in the mid-90s at Hand Technologies. Utilizing his expansive understanding of technology, Hamilton has led a series of entrepreneurial accomplishments, including his establishment of the Wealth Dynamics system—a highly-regarded psychometric testing system for enterprising professionals.

Roger Hamilton, committed to encouraging modern entrepreneurs to reach for success, notes that while technology can sometimes be an overwhelming aspect of business—it is an essential component that ensures corporate growth. Not only does he highlight technology comprehension as a necessity for business leader, but also a requirement for all modern professionals—especially with the proliferation of social media and mobile communication.Roger Hamilton workplace tech

Hamilton explains that when companies strive to keep all employees on the same page through technology, the pathways for success are clearer and easily attainable. As such, he offers a few tips for those leaders striving to implement technology use in the workplace in a responsible and informative fashion:

Offer Training Courses

One of the best ways to ensure that all staff members are on the same page when it comes to technology use is to offer training courses to those who need it in various areas comprehension. While the cost of training may seem like an unnecessary expense to the budget-conscious entrepreneur, Roger Hamilton recognizes that such expenditures are an investment in a company’s growth.

By providing extensive training to ensure that all employees are aware of how to use technology, a business leader can ensure a unified workspace. Not only will this integrated approach allow for a more productive work environment, but it will also enable employees to feel appreciated and more confident in their ability to resolve technical problems.

Encourage a Bring-Your-Own-Device Culture

According to Roger Hamilton, bring-your-own-device—also known as BYOD—work cultures are a great way to inspire greater tech-integration within the workplace. Essentially BYOD refers to work environments in which staff members utilize their personal laptops, tablets and other mobile devices and connect to a corporate network.

There are many benefits to allowing BYOD culture. For employees BYOD can raise confidence, thus improving job satisfaction and ability to achieve promotions within the company. For employers, BYOD not only saves money by not having to buy work devices for every professional, but it also increases productivity within the workplace. For example one recent survey from iPass—an enterprise mobility vendor—found, “employees who use mobile devices for both work and personal issues put in 240 more hours per year than those who do not.”

In addition to the ways that BYOD culture can motivate greater productivity—and thus, revenue—Roger Hamilton says the practice can inspire progress within the actual company. Companies with BYOD policies in place must invest in cloud connectivity and security, but these investments will allow the business to make sure its utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Greater device compatibility may not only allow for better productivity within the workplace, but it may also lead to greater satisfaction from mobile consumers.

Make Sure the Technology Works

Although there may be a lot of incentive for employees to turn to high-tech solutions in the workplace, a bad experience with a faulty piece of software or a damaged device can halt progress. Those who do not find that technology simplifies their work will simply turn away from it. As such, Roger Hamilton encourages business leaders to develop strong IT teams that can make sure that all networks, systems and devices are up to speed and working correctly.

Roger Hamilton Urges Entrepreneurs to Utilize Green Technology

As a veteran of the tech industry, Roger Hamilton knows how quickly technology can change. While some of these evolutions may seem arbitrary at best, Hamilton notes that current movement into sustainable technology is an important trend that all business leaders should adapt to.

Going Green for Progress

According to Roger Hamilton, many eco-friendly technology solutions for the workplace utilize some of the most state-of-the-art innovations. By implementing such ingenious solutions into the workplace, business leaders can rest assured that their company is on the path to progress.

Going Green for Consumers

Going green is essential not only to improve productivity and cut down costs, but it is also important for maintaining customer satisfaction. While the green movement may have started off slow, a great portion of consumers are conscious of environmental-friendly practices. As a result, the public no longer strives to protect the environment through personal actions alone, but by choosing to support eco-friendly businesses as well.

Going Green for Employees

By making the decision to go green within a workplace or to build a business with sustainable practice, an entrepreneur is not only showing respect for the environment, but for employees as well. Green companies are often identified not only for their progressive solutions and service, but their high rates of satisfaction among employees.

Roger Hamilton remains focused on encouraging entrepreneurs to follow the green movement and remains an active advocate and supporter of many relevant organizations such as the Plant a Tree Today Foundation and the Pachamama Alliance. He is actively involved in setting up Green School’s across the globe giving its students a natural, holistic and student-centered education in one of the most amazing environments on the planet. He is currently the chairman of Green School Bali which was awarded the Greenest School on Earth by USGBC Centre for Green Schools


Roger Hamilton is a world renowned futurist and social entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and Chairman of Green School, Bali. He is the creator of the Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profiling systems, used by over 120,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

Each year, Roger meets with leading changemakers and entrepreneurs on his Fast Forward your Business Events, held in Asia, Australia, UK and USA. At the events Roger shares the Top 10 Trends in Business, and shares the latest tools and technologies for business owners to ride the waves of change.

Behind all of Roger’s companies and content is the mission of World Wide Wealth: Collectively shaping a brighter future through 3 catalysts to change – Environment; Education & Entrepreneurship

In 2003, Hamilton founded the Wealth Dynamics system—a well-known psychometric testing procedure that utilizes the teachings of Carl Jung and the I Ching. This system is regarded as a reliable tool for ambitious entrepreneurs and is described in greater detail in Hamilton’s book Your Life, Your Legacy: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finding Your Flow. In addition to these accomplishments, Hamilton is recognized for his humanitarian efforts, philanthropic work and public speaking achievements.


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