Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics Comments on Summer Orthodontics Season

Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics Comments on Summer Orthodontics Season

bracesDr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics understands that getting braces requires a significant adjustment for both kids and their parents, as many aspects of daily life will change in the first few weeks after the braces are provided. An article published by La Jolla Light calls attention to several of the ways in which kids who have braces will have to change their daily habits and Dr. David Morrow of York Mills encourages parents to schedule initial orthodontic appointments during the summer to provide children with an adjustment period that is free from the stress of school.

According to the article, “Orthodontics takes some time for accommodation—as any parent who wore braces can attest. That’s because the first few days and weeks with braces requires [sic] some adjustment, and sometimes additional appointments are needed. Summer allows for parents and kids to adjust to braces with plenty of time to see the orthodontist if needed.”

“Summer vacation is a perfect time for kids to get used to their new braces before heading back to school in the fall,” comments Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics. “If your child needs a little more care and attention in the early stages, both you as a parent and your child will have more time to come in for office visits without worrying about lost time from school.”

While this is a wonderful tip to help parents to strategically schedule their children’s orthodontic work, it is important that they are well aware of the kinds of transitions that their kids will go through during the early stages of their orthodontic procedures. Braces can be quite painful and, as a result, it is crucial that parents are able to provide the support that their kids need as they get used to having these orthodontic tools in their mouths.

The article explains that the adjustment period will last for a few days, as kids will need to get used to having a foreign object attached to their teeth. The first day following the installation of braces can create a great deal of soreness for kids, as their mouths are not used to the metal that is now present. Additionally, simply adjusting to having a new object in the mouth can prove difficult for the first day or so.

Over the next few days, kids should start to become more comfortable. Some children, particularly those who are more sensitive, will continue to experience pain or discomfort for the next two or three days. The key is to eat foods that do not cause pain and to maintain regular dental hygiene as directed by the orthodontist in order to keep food items from exacerbating this discomfort. Additionally, orthodontists can help parents to decide which over-the-counter medications can best alleviate any pain without causing harm to their children.

Next, the article explains that getting used to simply having braces in the mouth is something that kids must do before they become comfortable with their orthodontics. Braces are glued to the teeth using individual brackets that attach to each tooth. These brackets are connected with wires and rubber bands that work together to straighten the teeth. A fairly complicated system, these many pieces can cause discomfort during the first week or so. Additionally, as the pieces settle, they may need to be adjusted by an orthodontic professional to ensure that they do not become loose or dislodge from their intended position.

Finally, the article highlights the fact that kids will need to learn how to keep their teeth clean when braces are present. Orthodontists can help children to adjust their brushing and flossing practices now that they have braces, but this will take some practice for kids to perfect. Furthermore, it is important for children to stay away from foods that get stuck in their braces. In particular, those that are too sticky or too tough can cause problems.

Because all of these issues must be dealt with by kids and their parents in the first week or so after braces are provided, it is crucial that children have the ability to cope with their new braces in a relatively stress-free environment. By having orthodontic work initiated during the summer months, parents can allow their kids to get used to their braces without worrying about schoolwork or attendance, as they will most likely need to visit the orthodontist during the process. Additionally, facing the school’s population with new braces is always scary for kids, as any major change in the appearance of a child can cause them anxiety in social settings. By giving kids the chance to get used to their braces over the summer, parents can help them to start school with a higher degree of confidence in the fall.

Ultimately, having orthodontic work done at all is important, so if parents can only initiate orthodontics in the fall, winter, or spring they should certainly do so, as this is an investment in their children’s future; however, Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics believes that there are many benefits to allowing kids to wait until summer to get braces.

Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics is a dental professional based in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Morrow treats patients of all ages and specializes in providing orthodontic care to assist his patients in achieving their goals with regard to their smiles. After earning a dental degree from the University of Toronto, Dr. Morrow fulfilled a two-year residency at the Eastman Dental Center in general dentistry and temporomandibular joint disorders. Following this training, Dr. Morrow went back to school to train as an orthodontic specialist. In addition to his practice, Dr. Morrow acts as a part-time lecturer at the Department of Orthodontics of the Faculty of Dentistry in Toronto. Additionally, he regularly publishes professional articles and holds active memberships in The Royal College of Dentists of Ontario, the Ontario Association of Orthodontists, the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, the American Association of Orthodontists, and the Toronto Orthodontic Study Club. When not engaging in professional activities, Dr. Morrow enjoys cycling, playing hockey, and spending time with his family.

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