Concierge Auctions Explains How Kids’ Rooms are Redefining Luxury

Concierge Auctions Explains How Kids’ Rooms are Redefining Luxury

Beautiful-Kids-Room-DesignsConcierge Auctions, which is a worldwide top seller of luxury real estate, is discussing some new and creative touches that are popping up when it comes to designing children’s rooms in a home. While some people assume that a child’s room will contain posters tacked to the wall and maybe a small TV, parents all over the country are rethinking these designs. Many children’s rooms or teen hangout spots are now outfitted with DJ stations, secret passageways, recording studios, and other luxurious features in order to keep kids inspired to hang out at home.

Recently, Chris Pollack of Pollack + Partners design and construction company, put the finishing touches on a Manhattan townhouse remodeling project that included the addition of a 1,000-square-foot “teen suite” that includes both ping pong and billiards tables, a recording studio, a kitchen, and a theater. The price tag for the remodel was roughly $750,000. Pollack notes that in the past he has also set up cameras in homework rooms, thus helping parents monitor their students’ computer usage and other habits when they are supposed to be attending to schoolwork.

Jake Robinson, who lives in his parents’ recently revamped Cape Cod-style home in Santa Monica, California, enjoys making use of a kids’ room that sits just off of the kitchen in the home. He comments on the accommodations noting, “It’s kind of fun if you have a long day of school to sit down on the couch and play videogames and watch TV.”

Robinson’s space includes a magnetic wall, a custom sectional, and a long desk where Jake and his eight-year-old sister can do schoolwork. His parents explain that they enjoy using computer screens that allow them to monitor the kids from afar, thus ensuring that school assignments are taken care of in a timely fashion.

Christine Markatos Lowe designed the Robinsons’ kids’ room when they decided to remodel their home. She explains that more and more of her clients are asking for spaces where they can watch their kids’ computer time. She states, “With all the screen time kids have these days, I’m finding this is something more and more people are requesting.”

The professionals at Concierge Auctions comment on intricately designed rooms such as the Robinsons’ stating, “Parents have worked hard to be able to give their kids a nice lifestyle, so why not provide them with a space where they can unwind, spend time with friends, and get focused on schoolwork? These touches also encourage socialization and gatherings at the home, thus allowing parents to more effectively monitor their kids than they would be able to if they were constantly dashing off to the movie theater or a friend’s house where there was a large TV. Plus, with the installation of monitoring equipment, parents can make sure that their children are focused on schoolwork, without having to be seen hovering over their shoulder. It teaches independence and responsibility.”

Some experts believe that extravagant children’s hangouts are becoming popular as parents spend more time today with their sons and daughters than they ever have before. Michael Thompson, who is a psychologist and author who specializes in treating kids and families, explains, “This is an extraordinarily loving and conscientious generation of parents.”

In San Diego, mom of two Jacquie Kim converted her poolhouse into a teen lounge as a birthday present when her son Alex turned 16. She hoped the renovations would encourage him to stay home more after he got his driver’s license. To finish off the project, she hired Kristy Kropat, who converted the Mediterranean-style space into a modern-industrial room that features LED accent lights, metallic gray walls adorned with Space Invader vinyl decals, bright bursts of color, and modern furniture.

Though he is now a freshman at UCLA, Alex still frequents the space on school breaks. The room has also become a favorite of his 15-year-old sister. Kim explains that her son and daughter will have control over the room for the next few years, but she then plans to turn it into an exercising or scrapbooking room, or perhaps revert it back to a poolhouse.

For many parents, having a designated space for kids is about entertaining the children, but also about maintaining decorum throughout the rest of the home. Instead of tripping over kids’ backpacks and hearing the TV blasting at all hours of the night, parents can make sure the house remains peaceful and clean, while still enabling their children to relax and unwind.

The staff at Concierge Auctions states, “These kinds of kid-friendly spaces really create a compromise among everyone living in the house. Mom and Dad get to keep the kitchen and living room free of video games, backpacks, shoes, and other items, while children still have their own space to spread out and bond with friends. There is no more fighting over the TV, and kids who are maturing and developing can feel like they have privacy.”

Melissa Kearney and her husband let their children design their rooms using inspiration from some of their favorite books. Daughter Tia’s closet is positioned behind a vintage armoire door, just like the one seen in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Son Ethan resides in a bedroom that contains a secret passage to another area of the house, inspired by those found in the Harry Potter books. Kearney explains that the renovations were done partially because she wanted her children to feel more compelled to spend time at home. The professionals at Concierge Auctions support parents’ and children’s creativity when it comes to designing kid-friendly, pop culture-inspired spaces.

Concierge Auctions is one of the world’s top sellers of luxury real estate. The professionals use a unique approach that has earned them international success as they work with clients to sell their properties quickly, while earning the highest possible market value. The professionals are dedicated to transparency, global reach, and efficiency as they work. All auctions and transactions happen using a huge database full of clients and agents. This method helps to streamline the auction process, getting rid of secrecy and allowing buyers and sellers to conduct their business quickly and without hassle.

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