AgeLess Rx On Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Men

AgeLess Rx On Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Men

menhairremovalAgeLess Rx is a high-end mediaspa that offers a range of services to clients, including facial rejuvenation, teeth whitening, laser vein removal, and laser hair removal. The business is now speaking out on the increasing popularity of laser hair removal treatments among men. Once thought of as a female-only practice, the treatments have fallen into favor with males who are self-conscious as they don sandals during the summer due to excessive hair on their feet.

While the treatment may have begun as a popular process among females, it is clear that image-focused men are also taking an interest in laser hair removal options. In Britain, men are showing off more of their legs and feet as they wear shorts and sandals during the warmer weather. This has caused many of these males to feel self-conscious about the hairiness of their bodies, thus causing them to seek a solution.

Dr. Michael Prager, a London dermatologist, makes reference to men seeking treatment for their “Hobbit feet.” The term alludes to J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous works, where the characters had feet covered with thick, curly hair, as well as leathery soles. While they may prove useful to the fictional characters, allowing them to ditch their shoes as they head out on adventures, normal men around the world are hoping to get rid of their Hobbit-esque look in favor of a smoother and more desirable appearance.

The professionals at AgeLess Rx note, “In years past, women were the only ones worried about showing off a smooth appearance, but now trends and styles have changed and male clients are looking to reveal a more sleek look as they wear sandals or shorts. These treatments are equally appropriate for both men and women, and can help an individual feel more confident about their appearance. Those who cover their arms, legs, and feet due to nervousness about their body hair should certainly seek out laser hair removal treatment.”

Prager states that he performs two hair-removal sessions each day on men who are looking for smoother feet with less hair. The cost of this treatment is roughly $1,000, and it often takes about eight hour-long sessions for the work to be complete. The process involves using a laser that damages the follicles, thus preventing hair growth from occurring. While it is not permanent, a person can generally go months or years without seeing regrowth, depending on the client’s hair type and other factors.

Prager comments on the rise in popularity of these treatments stating, “The fashion has changed: men show more leg and they want their feet to look good. I think what you’ll see soon is a trend for men to have no leg hair as well.”

Margaret Dabbs, a foot expert who works with clinics in Britain and Dubai, speaks out on the increasing number of males hoping to get laser hair removal done, stating that the numbers have grown significantly as of late. She explains, “It used to be mainly metrosexual men, but we now have the whole spectrum. We have lawyers, company owners, even royalty.”

Men have become fond of other cosmetic procedures too, as the focus on the male appearance continues to increase. The Private Clinic in London recently reported that the number of male patients coming in to have their chests reduced has risen by 38 percent in just one year.

Dr. Dennis Wolf, who is one of the specialists at the clinic, notes, “I have certainly noticed an increase in the number of men who come to me to find out more about male chest reduction procedures. Today, men are more aware of the treatments available to them, and are more open to the possibility of undergoing a cosmetic procedure in a bid to get the shape and the physique that they would like.”

The staff at AgeLess Rx states, “Men should feel equally as comfortable as women when it comes to seeking out these types of treatments. Both genders should have access to solutions that help them to feel better about themselves, thus promoting positivity in all aspects of life. When a person feels self-confident, they see that their relationships improve, their business dealings are more effective, and they are more energized. If a physical hang-up leaves a person feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, why not seek treatment for it?”

The British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons notes that men account for 10 percent of all cosmetic surgery procedures; this does not include laser hair removal treatments.

In order to enjoy a laser hair removal treatment that lasts, a client should make sure to choose a reputable clinic to handle the service. The effectiveness of the treatment is largely dependent on the skill of the person who performs it. This means that doing research and finding a spot that regularly takes care of these treatments is important. A potential client may also want to speak with past patients at the facility to ensure that their experience was effective.

When browsing for laser hair removal providers, an individual should keep in mind that the lowest prices are not always the best, as this may mean that quality is sacrificed during the treatment process. The most reputable clinics often offer a free consultation prior to treating a patient.

There are several steps that a client can take to ensure that their laser hair removal treatments last for years to come. Prior to undergoing the process, the individual should stay out of the sun. Consistency counts too, as it usually takes a handful of treatments for the work to be complete. Attending appointments regularly ensures that each session builds upon the work of the last.

The team at AgeLess Rx advises those who are seeking laser hair removal treatment in preparation for a specific event to get started with the sessions early, to ensure that the work is complete in time for the big day.

AgeLess Rx is a high-end medispa on Long Island, New York that offers treatments such as laser hair removal, hand rejuvenation, face rejuvenation, laser vein removal, tattoo removal, rosacea removal, and topic wrinkle reduction. The facility relies on a compassionate and competent staff and state-of-the-art equipment to provide beautiful and long-lasting results.

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